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What we do

CreateFoods has developed technology across three lines an in two facilities capable of producing over 8,600 MT of protein isolates annually. Our facilities and operations are capable of manufacturing the highest quality ingredients including full VALORIZATION and utilization of 100% of the raw material to additionally create high quality food grade oils, starches and fibres.

CreateFoods Canada Inc.



  • Includes our Innovation Line and our Enterprise Line.

  • Innovation Line capacity is 1,600 MT of protein isolate and is designed to help companies commercialize new ingredients.

  • Enterprise Line capacity is 6,000 MT and is designed for mass manufacturing and economies of scale.

  • Operation includes oil extraction and upgrading of 100% of raw material ingredients including starch and fibre.

CreateFoods Specialty Inc.

  • Includes our Specialty line capable of producing 1,000 MT of protein isolates.

  • Line is segregated into its own facility to allow for processing more label challenged raw materials.

  • Oil extraction and other technology allows for the highest purity and quality ingredients.

All applicable areas of this plant will be a minimum of SQF Food Safety 8.1 certified. It will be our long-term goal to become FSSC 22000 certified as well.

Raw Material Inputs

Both facilities and all three lines are BIOMASS agnostic. Our unique configuration of equipment will allow for the processing of a wide range of input raw materials including:


Processing Capabilities

CreateFoods’ turn-key manufacturing handles all process steps from de-oiling, to extraction, purification, drying and packaging – in a  “one-stop shop” for our customers.

Ingredient Outputs

Our process allows for the manufacture of highly specified, food grade ingredients including Protein Isolates, Concentrates, Starches, Fibres and Oils.

The Science

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