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Who we are

CreateFoods is focused on advancing the plant-based foods and ingredients industry in Canada. Our operation and capabilities CREATE critical infrastructure that will ENABLE a new industry and new opportunities through PARTNERSHIP with growers, food producers and ingredient manufacturers.

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Our Story

The founders of CreateFoods saw a gap in the Alberta food supply chain that needed to be filled. World class agricultural crops were being shipped around the world for further manufacturing. Capacity for CONTRACT MANUFACTURING of plant-based food ingredients was severely lacking in North America which hindered the continents ability to advance the industry overall.

From this the idea for CreateFoods was born.


Guiding Statements


Advance the plant-based food space in North America with innovative food ingredients that will enable the growth of the industry in Canada.


Develop domestic manufacturing capacity in the plant-based ingredients space. Provide innovative and highly customized products through contract manufacturing which in turn will CREATE innovation in both upstream (Agriculture industry) and downstream (Food and Ingredient manufacturers) here in Alberta and throughout the world.


Build an ingredients processing plant in Edmonton Alberta using the latest technology, expertly and innovatively designed to accept a wide variety of input materials.  Process these raw materials to a wide variety of highly customized food ingredients promoting full valorization of the input materials.

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Our Team.

Our team includes industry leaders in the plant-based food ingredients industry and is a collection of over 110 years of experience

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